Pushing the Boundaries of Performance Beyond DEXTER 2188

In the intricate world of trailer components, a new pinnacle of excellence emerges. Introducing a groundbreaking product that confidently pushes performance past the widely recognized DEXTER 21 88. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, Valcrum showcases how modern engineering and design can drastically enhance trailer maintenance and longevity.

Speaking on the new offering, Alton Shelton, owner of Valcrum, remarked, “The evolution in trailer components has been rapid, but our latest innovation is set to redefine standards. We’ve closely observed the limitations of products like the DEXTER 2188, and our response is a product crafted with meticulous precision and advanced materials.”

The newly launched 3-1/2″ Universal Threaded Hub Cap sets itself apart with several standout features. Foremost among them is the use of a durable aluminum alloy as opposed to traditional plastic caps. This pivotal choice ensures that the dreaded issue of cracking, often seen in plastic counterparts, is entirely eliminated.

Designed to fit 9K-10K GD axles and #13G drums, this hub cap isn’t just about rugged durability. It seamlessly merges functionality with user-centric design elements. The inclusion of an oil level indicating window is a testament to this, enabling quick visual inspections and eliminating the guesswork often associated with maintenance checks.

Additionally, the hub cap boasts a magnetic vent plug, a feature that plays a crucial role in prolonging the life of essential trailer parts by actively removing metallic particles. Such innovations not only enhance the performance and lifespan of trailers but also considerably reduce maintenance downtime.

Shelton added, “Our goal was to craft a hub cap that isn’t just an upgrade in material but a holistic enhancement in functionality. From an easy-access drain port to a fill port designed for optimal user convenience, every element of this hub cap underscores our dedication to excellence.”

The transportation industry, with its intricate challenges, requires components that can withstand rigorous use while offering ease of operation. Valcrum’s latest offering, an emblem of superior craftsmanship and innovative design, aptly fits this demand, promising to set new standards in the market.

About Valcrum:

Founded in 2018, Valcrum is a beacon of innovation in the design and manufacturing of premier trailer components. With a rich background in freight forwarding and trailer repair, the firm’s offerings are rooted in deep industry knowledge and a passion for solving real-world challenges. From the latest hub cap, a masterclass in engineering, to a range of other trailblazing products, Valcrum continuously sets benchmarks in durability, performance, and functionality.

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