Republic Day: President Tokayev on Kazakhstan’s Sovereignty, Unity, and the Rule of Law

As Kazakhstan prepares to celebrate Republic Day on October 25, commemorating its sovereignty from the Soviet Union in 1990, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev extended his congratulations to the citizens on October 24.

He remarked, “This day signifies the rebirth of our age-old statehood, tracing its lineage back to the era of the Turkic Khaganates, the Golden Horde, and the Kazakh Khanate. Today, we remember and honour the freedom that the Alash activists championed. Truly, a nation’s identity is rooted in its sovereignty. 33 years ago, the adoption of the Declaration on State Sovereignty marked a pivotal moment in history, setting Kazakhstan on its path to independence. This significant document, reflective of our people’s hopes and aspirations, was brought into existence through the foresight and wisdom of our country’s patriots. Their bravery and resolve during that pivotal time epitomize heroism. As we strive to build a just Kazakhstan today, it’s imperative we honour and value the contributions of our forebears,” emphasized the President.

Discussing the nation’s accomplishments, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev highlighted positive shifts focused on enhancing human capital.

“We’re on the cusp of our population reaching 20 million,” he noted. “This serves as tangible proof of our nation’s steady advancement, and it reflects our citizens’ confidence in their future and that of their offspring. Legislation has been enacted to initiate the National Fund for Children, and within two months, funds will start being allocated to our children’s accounts,” declared the Head of State.

Emphasizing his vision for Kazakhstan, the President asserted that the country will persist in its pragmatic adherence to the tenets of “peace within – peace around” and “unity in diversity”. Given the backdrop of emerging unparalleled challenges, he believes it’s vital for Kazakhstan to maintain its forward momentum and showcase to the world a unified, future-focused Kazakh nation.

He highlighted Kazakhstan’s recent changes, emphasizing the importance of learning from past mistakes to ensure continuous progress.

In a short period, the country organized elections for various senior offices, demonstrating citizens’ increased political and electoral culture, whose participation in the political process has significantly increased.

“Attaining sovereignty is challenging, but preserving it is even more arduous. The nation’s independence stands paramount, and fortifying it is a collective responsibility. We must daily defend our sovereignty, grounded in ceaseless efforts and unwavering unity. Central to all endeavours is peace and stability, for without them, all efforts are moot. The world’s current turbulent climate is evident. Yet, numerous esteemed global experts hail Kazakhstan as a beacon of peace. Today, our nation has evolved into a regional hub for culture and spirituality. This year alone, international artists hosted over 200 cultural events within our borders, testament to our country’s stability and serenity. In essence, this positions Kazakhstan as a blueprint for others, for who would venture where peace is absent? Our tranquillity is invaluable, and cherishing it is a shared obligation. It’s crucial, especially for the youth, to grasp this,” articulated the Kazakh leader.

He emphasized that to bolster statehood foundations, upholding the rule of law is vital. According to him, cultivating a legal culture is pivotal to shaping a Just Kazakhstan.

“Lawlessness, disorder, and a lack of culture can plunge our nation into chaos. We must collectively combat these negative trends. Grasping this deeply is essential. A society founded on order is inherently civilized – this is undeniable. When every citizen respects the nation’s laws, unity and prosperity follow. Simply put, when actions align with the law, harmony prevails,” the President stressed.