Vertiqal Studios Over the Top content outperforming expectation in 2023

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Vertiqal Studios CEO Jon Dwyer joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share significant updates for the company in its Over the Top (OTT) content.

Vertiqal Studios has reported consistent growth in monthly recurring revenues from its OTT shows during the first three quarters of 2023. The company currently offers more than 50 shows and plans to expand its portfolio with over 40 additional shows, demonstrating its commitment to providing diverse and compelling content across various topics.

The company has achieved better-than-expected results, including a 13% increase in 1Q, a 40% increase in 2Q, and a 7.5% increase in 3Q.

Vertiqal Studios has reached a milestone of C$2.5 million in monthly recurring revenue. The company anticipates further milestones in the upcoming quarters as it continues to innovate in the digital media landscape.

Vertiqal Studios has maintained a healthy OTT gross margin, standing at approximately 83.61% after accounting for all current costs.

These updates highlight Vertiqal Studios' impressive growth and strong performance in the OTT industry.

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