Time to Reply: Empowering Businesses to Supercharge Sales and Elevate Customer Service

timetoreply is email optimization & analytics software that offers companies insights into their email response times, total emails received,emails sent, SLA performance and a whole host of other core metrics. Through this live data, businesses can supercharge their sales team’s performance and significantly enhance their customer service.

Based on research conducted by Forbes, MIT, Harvard Business Review, and the Kellogg School of Management, it’s evident that promptly responding to prospects’ emails results in increased sales and improved contact & conversion rates. To optimize response times, companies require accurate and intelligent email performance software. timetoreply is the only software in this category to prioritize real-time performance optimization alongside analytics. It seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365/Outlook.

timetoreply provides real-time, in-depth analytics of email response metrics, including the average first reply time, average overall reply time, time-to-resolution, and SLA adherence. These metrics are essential for assessing email response efficiency in both sales and customer-facing teams, and are part of a comprehensive live dashboard offered by the software.

timetoreply also provides their customers with customizable email Productivity reports. The analysis breaks down day-to-day activities, including the total number of emails sent, replied to, and received. Furthermore, team leaders and managers receive live visibility into the percentage of email replies within specific timeframes (reply time goals and/or SLAs), such as under 30 minutes, one hour, two hours, eight hours, or a custom interval chosen by the customer.

The live, Comparative report is another detailed analysis available to customers. It analyzes individuals or mailboxes by volumes of emails sent, replied to, received, or forwarded and ranks their performance on a live leaderboard.

Built specifically for Sales and Customer-facing teams, timetoreply’s software – Ignite and Success – puts individual and team performance optimization at the center of the experience, with live analytics alongside. timetoreply‘s software is easy to implement, requires no change to workflow, is highly secure (ISO 27001, Soc II Type 2, GDPR Compliant), and enables sales reps and customer-facing agents to work directly out of their inbox. By implementing timetoreply , divisional and team leaders can take purposeful, data-driven steps to optimizing their division or team’s performance over email.

Sharing their experience utilizing the software, David Sarembock, Founder and Managing Director of Swift Momentum, noted: “Everyone has improved their reply times by at least 300-400%, giving our customers a 3 to 4 times faster and therefore better experience. As a business owner, that’s huge!”

“We deal with high volumes of inbound sales enquiries from new and recurring customers every week. We’ve managed to improve our sales agents’ closing rates by focusing on responding quickly and consistently to every single lead. In an industry as competitive as ours ,and being online, we don’t have a choice. We either respond quickly or we’ll lose the deal to a competitor. timetoreply’s email reply time data now forms part of our sales agents’ performance metrics.” Bert Prevoo (Managing Director).

Companies interested in increasing their sales and providing world-class customer service can contact the team at timetoreply at +1 (207) 466-6155, or book a demo or discovery call at www.timetoreply.com

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